In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Let The Dhikr Prevail

Praise to The Creator of the male and female,
Peace and Blessings - may they never curtail,
On the one whose name cures that which doth ail,
On his Family, and Those who made dhikr prevail.

O describe to me their every detail!
May our love for them never grow stale,
May we praise day and night like the nightingale,
In our hearts may He make the dhikr prevail.


In the Ocean of Love, I dreamt we set sail,
(Came) the strong and the healthy, the weak and the frail,
We returned to Him from the shores of betrayal,
And cast aside fitna to let dhikr prevail.

Our Prophet succeeded, and paved the trail,
The Salaf - they followed, and led without fail,
Service to the Shaykhs, our path did entail,
The himma was high! To let dhikr prevail!


It was Dhikrullah finnahari wal-layl,
Light on the Tongue, Heavy on the Scale
With the Angels we praised, we were drunk off the ale!
The glasses were filled with "Let dhikr prevail."

We didn't strike cheeks, our arms didn't flail,
Our voices didn't excessively wail,
And No! Our Deen is not for sale!
The Shariah: our guide to let dhikr prevail.


So the pirates' plot was to no avail!
Allah's Plan they can never derail!
Our knights were clad with iron chainmail!
Battling egos - to make dhikr prevail.

With every inhale, and with every exhale,
We journeyed - He Graciously lifted the veil,
We returned to the Source, and O what a tale!
When I dreamt we all let dhikr prevail.

Composed by: Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Toronto, Canada, Ramadan 2011