In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Speaking Out Against
Violence Towards Women


to a woman in despair
Her overladen soul laid bare

As she tells you of her life's nightmare
Remember, the Children of Adam err


For life, I used to have a flair
But then, everything got greyer

Now the make-up and clothes I wear
Hide bruises that would make you stare

He says his drinking does not impair
To that these marks speak quite contraire

He controls my very air
Every inch and by the square

His devices are designed to scare
I'm even scared when he's not there


So I could never leave, I wouldn't dare
He'll drag me right back to his lair

He punches me and pulls my hair
He even hit me with a chair

And his eyes, his eyes they fill with glare
And then I feel my clothing tear


A war, the mayor should declare
On abuse of women everywhere

Young girls out there best beware
But my story's different, you can't compare

My type of stupidity is rare
So please don't tell anyone, swear!

I'm stupid for getting caught in his snare
How was I not more aware?!

We were like this inseparable pair
He was even quite debonair

Did you know he even had an affair?!
And it's so unfair, that I still care!


So how do you think I'd fare out there?
How would I even begin to prepare?

It's just easier to not go anywhere
And safer to remain solitaire


Please tell me I'm not beyond repair
I don't wish to be a millionaire

Or a famous actor extraordinaire
I just wish someone had a moment to spare

On days it seems too much to bear.
For the women, let us say a prayer.

Al Fatiha!

Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Shawwal 1435 / August 2014
Toronto, Canada