In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Praise to Allah: the Manifest
Peace and blessings on mankind's best
The one on whom the Book descended
The Qur'an, his character represented

He is the master of the middle way
Allahumma salli wa sallim 'alayh
He expressed his love and never pretended
He Journeyed by Night and then he Ascended

He never fell short, nor went excessively over
He was inwardly present, and outwardly sober
Throughout his trials - on Allah he depended
And in every state, his heart was contented...

And on his Family and Companions - the Faith they defended
Their lives, their efforts and wealth they expended
Whom Allah and His Messenger themselves have commended
And on all those whom Allah has befriended


Virtue lies between what is extreme,
This is as-Siraatal Mustaqeem
But some act as if they've not comprehended
And we've been left misrepresented

Extremists argue, yet have so much in common
Far from his Sunnah - peace be upon him
An embarrassing display of hearts left untended
And we've been left misrepresented

An extreme misuses the term "well-rounded"
The other has ignorance compounded
Both would have the Texts amended
And we'd be left misrepresented

Their rhetoric is well rehearsed
So the vulnerable think that they're well-versed
But tricks and lies they have invented
And we've been left misrepresented

Both ignore the prior sages
And misinterpret sacred pages
Picking and choosing the Laws - they've bended
And we've been left misrepresented...

With the great `Ulema they think they've contended
As if Idhin was a thing to be circumvented
They're outwardly drunk, and deeply tormented
And we've been left misrepresented...

At our neighbours they pointed and offended
When it's their OWN selves that they've resented
They claimed it was da'wah, but they just vented
And we've been left misrepresented

They broke apart from the Congregation
And spoke on behalf of our Civilisation
To this none of us consented
And we've been left misrepresented

From the Community they have dissented
Astray go the blind, deaf, and demented
Down a slope that's poisoned and fermented
And we've been left misrepresented

They claim they fight for you and me
But they're just being USED - to cause disunity
Oppression's walls they've not even dented
And we've been left misrepresented

The worldly tyrants they've complimented
(Those) who would love to see the Path prevented
In with the rulers and princes they've blended
And we've been left misrepresented

And so Manhood has been left misrepresented!
Women and Nature misrepresented!
And the Children have been left misrepresented!
And the Poor have been left misrepresented!


These criminals should be apprehended
And their program should be suspended
And stopped from being incremented
Before, Falsehood is augmented

So enough of this! if we've lamented
And if never again, we have intended
To have the Truth misrepresented
May we be of those who have repented

And be those to whom Allah relented
For He can soften - hearts-cemented
And broken bonds can be mended
Uniting peoples that were segmented

At the Mawlid-splendid, jasmine-scented
May our time with the Awliya be extended
May their gatherings of Love be well attended
And with ikhlas, may their teachings be implemented...

With salawat let this poem be supplemented
And on his Family, may it be complemented
And on his Companions may it be appended
And with "All Praise to Allah", this poem has ended

Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Ramadan 2011
Toronto, Canada