In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

A Poem in Honour of


Rady Allahu 'Anhu - may Allah be pleased with him

Praise to the One who swears by at-Tur.
And on him besides whom none remained truer
May salawat overflow from the hearts with hudur
On his Family, Companions, and Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

In his youth - of knowledge, he was a pursuer
At the hands of the righteous he was to mature
He rose like the sun at the time of suhur
The Son of Safiyya: Shaykh Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Counselling both the rich and the poor
For the ailing sudur he offered the cure
Accepting no payment - his honour secure
Murshid al- Kamil Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Allah's the Creator, and Allah is the Doer
He sends us Awliya to ensure
The Sunnah of al- Mustafa is kept pure
He sent us as- Sayyid Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

In Africa's east he was the Renewer
And how many places are helped by his nur!
Like Jeddah - Mombasa - Kuala Lumpur
The Qutbud- Da'wa Shaykh Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Shaykhs like this are rarer and fewer,
Whose generous smiles filled hearts with surur,
He lived the Shahada in all its grandeur
The `Arif Billah Shaykh Ahmad Mash- hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Each Hajj he performed is a Hajj mabrur,
May the fragrance from the sweetest bakhur,
Cover the gardens of Ma'la's qubur,
Over Lady Khadijah and Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Ya Rahmanu Ya Shakur!
Let us be with the best, at the time of the Sur,
Placed in the group on the Yawmin-Nushur
Of our Shaykh al- Habib Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Ya Rahimu Ya Ghafur!
Grant us all the strength to endure,
And not to be swayed by the dunya's allure,
Bi jahir- Rasul wa Ahmad Mash-hur!

Naf`an Allahu bih!

Composed by Irshaad Ahmad Rashid
Rajab 2012, Toronto, Canada


The One (Allah) Who swears (in the Qur'an) by at- Tur (the Mount)

And on him besides whom none remained truer - that is Prophet Muhammad

Salawat - invoking Allah to grant peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad

Hudur - presence (of body, mind, and heart)

Naf`an Allahu bih - may Allah spread his benefit

Suhur - of the dawn

Safiyya - daughter of the great Imam Tahir ibn Umar al- Haddad (Rady Allahu `Anhum)

Shaykh - spiritual guide, spiritual master

Sudur - breasts, chests (hearts)

Murshid al- Kamil - the accomplished spiritual guide

Awliya - friends (of Allah), saints

Sunnah - the pattern of life of the Prophet Muhammad comprising of what he said, did or approved of

Al- Mustafa - the Chosen one (that is Prophet Muhammad)

As- Sayyid - a title for someone who is a descendent of Prophet Muhammad

Renewer - Mujaddid (in Arabic)

Nur - spiritual light

Qutbud- Da'wa - Pillar of Calling (others to Allah)

Surur - joy, pleasure, exhilaration

The Shahada - the profession of faith, bearing witness, Muslim testimony of faith, the Declaration that no one is worthy of worship except Allāh and that Sayyidinā Muhammad is His Prophetic Messenger.

`Arif Billah - knower of Allah, gnostic

Hajj mabrur - an accepted Pilgrimage to Makkah

Bakhur - typically they are scented chips that are burned producing a sweet- smelling smoke

Ma'la - the well- known cemetery in Makkah where al- Habib Ahmad Mash- hur was laid to rest

Qubur - graves

Lady Khadija (radiyallahu 'anha - may Allah be pleased with her) - name of Prophet Muhammad's first wife. She was the first person to accept Islam and i